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Baby Barrier Balm with Calendula  | Ninas Bees
Baby Barrier Balm with Calendula  | Ninas Bees
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Baby Barrier Balm with Calendula | Ninas Bees

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Nina’s Bees Baby Barrier Balm with Beeswax and Calendula is lovingly handcrafted at a boutique apiary in the Blue Mountains, using only the finest organic oils and our own beeswax. This gentle, 100% pure botanical barrier balm provides good protection and soothing for the tender skin

As a mother of two kids I formulated this barrier balm to provide protection and alleviate itching, redness and inflammation associated with nappy rash, cradle cap or other skin conditions. This barrier balm contains proven, safe ingredients to sooth, moisturize and protect the delicate skin. Powerful plant extracts deliver nutrients and vitamins to the skin, helping it self heal.  Soothing oils nourish the inflamed skin , while beeswax forms a breathable,  protective barrier to lock the oils in the skin. Baby Barrier balm melts on contact with the skin and quickly absorbs without leaving a greasy feeling. Baby Barrier Balm has received multiple awards : as the best barrier balm by Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby 2020 – Gold winner, International Global Green Beauty 2021 as a Finalist,  The Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby 2022 as Editor’s Choice and Organic Beauty Awards Mama and Baby 2022  – as Bronze winner

Carefully chosen natural oils give an instant relieve to irritated skin. Skin friendly Beeswax and Coco Butter form a protective barrier on the skin to guard against irritants and lock in moisture while still allowing the skin to breathe. Organic calendula, chickweed , chamomile and witch hazel soothe the rash and help to heal the skin. Organic Castor Oil is a rich, non-drying oil which is naturally rich in anti-oxidants and works as a deep conditioner and moisturizer.

Scoop a small amount of balm and apply to baby’s nappy area after every nappy change. Apply after a bath to protect the tender skin from any irritation. If there is any redness or rashes, please apply Baby Barrie Balm more liberally. Change baby’s nappy as often as possible to help prevent any types of nappy rash and let your little one spend some time nappy free to air the tender bottom.
This barrier balm can also be used for cradle cap. Simply massage this balm into your little one’s scalp and leave if for 5 -10 minutes before combing out. Baby Barrier balm can safely be used on any rashes, dry spots or redness, but must not be used on open cuts or wounds.

Organic Organic Olive Oil infused with Calendula, Chamomile, Chickweed, Witch-Hazel, Organic Castor Oil, Beeswax, Organic Unrefined Coco Butter, Seabuckthorn Berries Extract, Neem Oil, Jojoba Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Marigold ( Calendula) Extract,  Natural Vitamin E.

As with all skincare products, I recommend patch testing the balm prior to use.

Nina’s Bees Baby Barrier Balm is 100% natural, with no stabilizers or artificial fillers. Therefore it reacts naturally to the ambient temperature: it melts at > 35C and hardens at < 20C.
If it is too hot, please cool it down (in a cool, dry place), if it is too cold, please warm it up ( in your hands or on your skin).