Your Home, Your Style | Donna Garlough


Brand unearthedhomewares

A decorating book for the do-it-yourselfer, Your Home, Your Style is not just a guide to decorating, but a guide to harnessing your style strengths, identifying and overcoming your weaknesses, and filling your home with the furniture, decor, and details you love in a way that works for you.Divided into three sections (Know Thy Design Self, Let Your Story Unfold, and Shop & Learn), the book will empower readers to look inward to find their design style and build confidence (learn how to assess your design personality to avoid common pitfalls), question common decorating principles (you can't decorate a rental), get tangible (learn how to make a digital mood board); and shop fearlessly and efficiently. Enriched with visually driven sidebars (how to style a bookshelf 4 different ways; how to create a gallery wall), and illustrated with polished spaces styled by the author as well as other home decorators, this is a guide rich in how-to advice that will find a place on every home decorator's shelf.