Straw Cleaner - Coconut Husk | Handmade


Brand Little Green Panda

This coconut brush is ethically handmade in Vietnam using biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and coconut fibers. Copper wire joins the brush together and will not rust. Coconut fibre is naturally anti-bacterial.

You are making a difference:

  • By purchasing a fair trade product you ensure the workers who hand-make each product are paid fair wages and enjoy a safe and positive working environment.
  • No plastic and biodegradable: the coconut fiber bristles naturally break down and are compostable, leaving only the wire to recycle.


  • The brush is made from the husk of the Coconut
  • Naturally anti-bacterial and will not go moldy
  • By peeling vegetables before cooking you may lose the vitamins under the skin. Forget about peeling, scrub instead!
  • Chemical free
  • Long lasting - bristles don't bend and flatten as nylon bristles do
  • Vegan-friendly

Care and Use:

Rinse clean, shake and hang to dry.

Dimensions and Materials:

Coconut fiber and Copper wire.
The brush is 22cm long included copper handle
The brush head is approximately 2.5cm in diameter. 
As this is a handmade product, brush head size may vary slightly.

Ethically handmade in by a local family in Vietnam.