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MOVEMENTS 2 - Xan MacAlpine

MOVEMENTS 2 - Xan MacAlpine

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The blue above and the green below
Nature putting on her very own show
Add rugged boulders of varying brown
That time has formed into a crown
A coast that separates the land from sea
Beautiful and vast with its own energy
Waves on a quest to reach the shoreline
The ocean will conquer every time

MOVEMENTS 2 is from "The Shoreline Series"

Words from Xan "When I look beyond the shoreline, to where sea meets sky, I am transported to a euphoric daze somewhere between calmness and curiosity. What lies beyond that horizon line I’ll perhaps never know. But I often imagine myself gliding above that line as if I was an albatross caught in a breeze. The ocean is our escape from the land. Small pockets of relaxation and salty sea breezes. A moment to recharge and forget about the demanding day to day, never-ending to-do list of farm life. Shorelines is a series I captured during our recent holiday to Western Australia. Where the rugged beauty of the sea cliffs and cascading waves took my breath away. Where we live, we may be hundreds of kilometres from the sea, but the sound of the ocean, sunburnt cheeks, tangled salty ocean hair and warm evenings on a balcony overlooking the shoreline certainly never leaves me.


8 X 12 inch  - Oak Frame - Exclusively framed for Unearthed Homewares

Printed on the most beautiful Hahnemühle Fine Art 308 gsm Photo Rag Paper which is resistant to ageing. Finished with a straight edged white border.

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